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The mentorship series is a 6 week program where worthy mentors will train mentees who apply via the EduGrant platform. The session will be held virtually and have mentors deliver resources, give assignments/tasks to their mentees and both parties meet for a review session once a week.

At the end of the program, mentees would gain motivational and inspirational insights and be more confident towards achieving their career goals.

Benefits to Mentors

  • Personal and professional fulfillment through contribution to an individual success and growth
  • Satisfaction in helping the young progress, and achieve goals
  • Gain a fresh perspective and additional experience as an adviser, tutor and coach


Mentor Signs Up

Mentor mentions skills and experience he/she possesses

Mentee Signs Up

Mentee mentions mentoring goals


An automated search of the most suitable mentors to mentee is made. Mentors are ranked on a percentage scale based on suitability to a mentee


Based on the ranking of search results, the most suitable mentor is match with the mentee


Mentors support mentees in achieving their goals through constant communication for the stipulated duration if the program


At the end of the program, mentees would be able to clearly articulate their career goals and create a plan towards achieving them. Mentors would also gain practical insights and fulfilment


  1. Secure mentors
  2. Call for applications (Mentees)
  3. Publicize
  4. Select/screen applicants
  5. Create curriculum
  6. Secure date/duration of mentorship
  7. Award mentees certificate


These policies and procedures represent the sum total of the decisions, requirements, and activities needed to run this mentoring program.


  • Ability to take the lead in supporting mentee through an ongoing, one-on-one relationship
  • Ability to serve as a positive role model
  • Ability to build the relationship by planning and participating in activities together
  • Ability to build self-esteem and motivation
  • Ability to help set goals and work toward accomplishing them
  • Ability to make a 6-week commitment
  • Ability to Communicate with the mentee weekly
  • Be interested in working with young people
  • Be willing to complete the application and screening process
  • Willing listener
  • Tolerant and respectful of individual differences


  • Ability to keep appointments with your mentor.
  • Willingness to allow your mentor to review your plan and make recommendations regarding goals and objectives.
  • Willingness to contact your mentor for assistance in developing your network
  • Ability to meet with your assigned mentor as at when agreed
  • Willingness to fill out the Development Plan as you progress in the program.
  • Ability to develop realistic and attainable goals or learn to
  • Willingness to share the Development Plan with your mentor for guidance and feedback.
  • Willingness to schedule and conduct informational interviews in areas of occupational interest.
  • Willingness to follow-through on weekly goals and objectives.

Only individuals who meet the eligibility criteria would be admitted into the program as either mentors or mentees.

If you have read and meet the criteria to signup as a mentor and would like to take part in our program, click HERE

If you have read and meet the criteria to signup as a mentee and would like to take part in our program, click HERE