Facts about learning Gen Z will never know


I do not want to sound cliché but being educated is as important as being alive. There has always been the question of which generation has found learning and education easier, is it Gen Z or Millenials?

I grew up in the Eastern region of Nigeria, and as a child, reading and learning new vocabulary was a task I enjoyed. But reading at that time wasn’t as cumbersome as it seems to be today.

My friend Nonye and I recently revived the debate: Between Gen Z and Millenials, who do you think had easier access to learning while in school? We both had different views and till date, a winner never emerged from this argument as we are both opinionated.

As we know, Gen Z is the first generation to have 24/7 access to the internet, connected devices, apps and social media from birth.  Little surprise that they have grown so attached to technology and social media and see it as part of their lives. Growing up in a world where information is readily available makes them at a great advantage. Now if there is a subject a Gen Z does not understand, they can easily head to YouTube for more insight.

Being a millennial, all I had then was Facebook and internet explorer; and these were not even readily available on my phone; I remember rushing off to the café after lectures to respond to my messages from friends who weren’t in the same university. Same method applies when in need of materials for assignments given by lecturers; the only options available were cyber café or the library (and we most times went for the later, as it was free.)

The generation Z population on the other hand has been exposed to knowledge and information through technology and are aware of the resources at their disposal.

But when it comes to reading hard copy books and materials, the millennials are pros.

These libraries were once an essential aspect of our lives, and our mode of education is now considered old school and obsolete. Today’s youth would rather order books online from their homes or read and subscribe when required. Not that there is anything wrong with this, only that physically visiting the library exposes one to more option. Generation Z would never know what it means to sit in the library to study for long hours or borrow novels from friends.

It is a known fact that Generation Z students crave autonomy in learning. They are self-paced, self-directed, and independent, with freedom of what and how they learn. Online learning has engaged Gen Z students more than ever.

Last but not the least; they would never understand the whole idea of writing letters as a means of communication.

Even though technology has helped us all, I must speak on behalf of millennials; I still miss the good old days.

The world today has advanced, and Gen Z youths have more prospects to do better in school than during our time as a result of information technology. Technology shapes students into highly cerebral individuals, thereby giving them the tools to be better citizens in our world today.

Olubambi Akinbo is a graduate of Economics from the Enugu state university of science and technology.

She currently runs an online delivery outfit and writes in her free time.