Increased knowledge

Mentors are valuable sources of knowledge. Whether you’re in university, about to get into the university, or changing careers, mentors have experienced similar milestones.

Personal growth

Mentors look for ways to encourage personal growth. Once they understand your skills and abilities as a student, they may put you to work on a specific task to see how well you perform.

Unbiased opinions

Because mentors play a neutral role in your life, they have the ability to give unbiased opinions about your career. Mentors are great resources for advice and guidance that would help you achieve your academic goals.


If you need help setting and achieving goals, mentors are the perfect allies to keep you accountable. Your mentor can help develop your career by setting new goals for you and providing clarity on how to take action.

Networking connections

Mentors commonly offer to share their network connections with their mentees which may lead you as a student to new opportunities for example internship positions or trainings etc ensure you show interest when the opportunity arise.