Meet George Imafidon, a young Nigerian engineer resident in the United Kingdom, who emerged as the overall winner of the RAEng Engineers Trust Young Engineer of the year.

The Royal Academy of Engineering with the aid of the Worshipful Company of Engineers awarded Imafidon with a £3,000 prize for his outstanding works in engineering.

Imafidon emerged as the best among other five young engineers.

The report said, “All five are winners of the RAEng Engineers Trust Young Engineer of the Year competition, awarded by the Academy with support from the Worshipful Company of Engineers.

“The overall winner, Extreme-E racing pioneer and social mobility advocate a UK-based Nigerian, George Imafidon, received the Sir George Macfarlane Medal. Named after wartime radar pioneer Sir George Macfarlane, the award recognises the potential of engineers working in the UK who have demonstrated excellence in the early stage of their career (less than ten years since graduation from their first degree in engineering or equivalent qualification).”

It continued, “George Imafidon is a Performance Engineer working with Sir Lewis Hamilton HonFREng’s Team X44 electric racing team to design and run an Extreme-E race car. The motorsport team, founded in September 2020, aims to draw attention to environmental issues by racing in the world’s most remote locations affected by the climate crisis.”

In his words…

“The engineer in me was born when I started fixing bikes for free in Peckham and got my first bike at 9 years old! I loved building and racing anything I could get my hands on. 

From there I worked extremely hard to go to UCL and secured a first class masters in the engineering degree.

I’ve never seen myself as a genius. I’ve willed myself through most things and focused on learning from the brilliant people around me. But I guess I just played to my strengths and barriers are there to be broken.”


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