In 2008, she was selected from a pool of 2,000+ writers to attend chimamanda Adichie’s writing workshop. Several years later, she won the Commonwealth Shared Scholarship, Vanier Scholarship, PEO Scholarship and other prestigious awards to study at Cambridge and University of Toronto.

Before applying for the workshop, she had not written much fiction – but she decided to apply primarily because she always wanted to meet Chimamanda. She didn’t have any creative writing piece to submit and she wondered if there was any point in applying if she would not be selected.

She was a 17-year-old student who had not written anything except for exams! She felt like she did not stand a chance and wouldn’t be considered. However, there was an academic strike and she decided to write a short piece and send it out. She was afraid but she shot her shot anyway.

She did not think much about it until she received a congratulatory email informing her that she had been selected. Whenever she thinks about the fact that an aspiring 17-year-old author/lawyer without serious “bragging rights” was selected to join the class, she is humbled and encouraged.

However, the thought that nags her often is “What if I never took the chance on myself?” “What if I never shot my shot?” “What if I allow the fear of being rejected to hold me back?” she knows that the fear of rejection can be overwhelming but honestly, it happens to everyone!

That experience instilled in her the boldness to try anything and the strength to accept failure no matter how bitter. Using this same boldness, she has secured scholarships worth over $250,000 for herself and supported students to secure over $4 million in funding.

In her words….

“Education changed my life and it remains a powerful tool to empower the next generation of African leaders. Money should not be a barrier to quality education.” 

PS: The fear of rejection can be overwhelming and nerve-racking, but it happens to everyone!

Take a chance now!

Source: getinedu