Meet Friday Praise, an alumnus of Keke Senior High School, a teen writer, and eco-activist. His passions include working towards a greener environment, youth advancement, and of course writing.

The EduGrant team first came in contact with Praise when he applied for the Edugrant Monthly Essay Competition for students.
According to the screening team, his initial entry was almost turned down on the ground that there were high chances that it may have been written on his behalf by an adult.
He proved himself at the on-site second screening when he wrote an even more compelling piece, which won him the second position and the cash prize involved.

Afterward, he also emerged as the winner of the Nigerian Scholars Essay Competition.
His achievements at both competitions earned him a letter of commendation from the Tutor General and the Permanent Secretary of the Lagos State Government.
Some of his work has been published in the World’s largest poetry Anthology, Eduthopia, Woven poetry, Chinua Achebe Poetry Anthology, and other literary sites.
His write-ups have also been published in Rulerless Magazine, an International Magazine where he wrote passionately about the Russia-Ukraine Crisis.

We are so proud of one of our own and know that the sky is just his starting point.
We can’t wait to read more of his work, and wish him all the best in his future endeavors.
Praise will be our guest writer for the next few weeks and will be sharing his opinion on matters that concern the youth, the state of secondary and tertiary education in the country, and many more interesting subjects.

We promise you an entertaining read.