Assignments are one of the best things that can happen to students, not because they like it, but because they can do it conveniently, unlike tests and examinations. Allow students to choose between assignments and exams and see which they will prefer.

But, unfortunately, there’s never enough time for students to write their assignments. Give them a year as the deadline, and it still won’t be enough. Give them a decade, and they will still need a decade and a day.

This post isn’t aimed at telling you when to write your assignments, no. Instead, it seeks to teach you the how-to, not the when to. But if you need any advice on when to, we would advise you to start a few days after you are given.

When it comes to university assignments, the writing style is vastly different from what was required of you in secondary school. Each coursework should be accompanied by an argument, backed up by sufficient proof and facts that demonstrate the student’s genuine efforts.

As long as you take your time to understand the topic, you can deliver a successful assignment. Naturally, well-written projects cannot be created overnight; they require meticulous planning and that some prewriting steps be completed before writing can begin.

1. Understand the Assignment

Interestingly, the phrase seems to be trending on social media, but taken literally, before you start writing, always ensure to double-check the assignment minutiae; Is it a report or a thesis? When you are more specific about the details, the format of the assignment becomes simpler.

So before you begin your study, ensure you have read and understood the question, that way, you’ll be able to narrow down your search. Sometimes it’s not the answers we don’t know; it’s the questions we don’t understand. Have you ever sat in front of your computer and know something to ask but didn’t know how to type it on Google? Once you realise the question, you will find the answers.

2. Carefully Plan It

How many times have you heard the phrase, “whoever fails to plan has planned to fail?” If I had to guess, I would say a million and one times. But as cliché as it is—the theory checks. Before you do any task, it helps a lot to write them down. Write what you have to do step by step. If you have to write a 10/20 page assignment, note what the first pages will discuss to avoid rambling. Structure topics and sub-topics and write down the exact number of words and pages each will take.


To be Continued