Things have changed since I returned home. You know, I always had it in my mind that things would change when I finished school, but I never thought it would be this… overwhelming. As an unemployed human, they have given me new roles at home and my worries have developed into a journey of uncertainty.


Unofficial House Help and Cook

That is what I am at home now. Unofficial because this comes with no benefits whatsoever. I get the cooking part. I mean, I do not expect my mother to be the one in the kitchen when I am home like I see them do in American movies, but the house help part is a whole new ball game.

These days, my little sister has the nerves to wake up late. This means she will not do the dishes before leaving for school, because she would be late. We all know how this works in Nigeria, the dishes are the job of the youngest member of the family. So there was a time when it was my job. I did it and graduated. Why demote me? Why?

It is the rainy season, which means that the farmers care for the fields, but it also means moppers get to mop… thrice as much as is required in the dry season. And boy do I hate mopping! But I have no choice: my room, the kitchen and its veranda, the living room and Co. “My waist dey hear am!”


Jobless Job Hunter

I have submitted my CV uncountable times now. I applied for everything under the sun but I have attended only two interviews. But let me say this: job hunting is terrible! Is it the I-hope-I-get-called-for-this-interview feeling that pierces your heart every minute after you have sent your CV somewhere; or the what-did-I-do-wrong feeling that accompanies you home and torments you in your dreams after an interview you just had?

Sigh… I am trying, and I won’t stop. But for now, I’m going to channel all that energy into something of my own. Let’s see what happens.


Frightened Fresh Graduate

I have fears. But don’t we all? I worry about the future. But I think that is normal too. So I am taking everyday, one step at a time. Because everything will fall in place in its own time.

I believe that life has no limitations, except the ones we make and if we don’t program ourselves, life will program us. The biggest lesson for me is to just keep going with positive mindset.

I may not have it all figured out now, “but las las, I go dey alright.”