I can imagine why some of you are still waiting earnestly to spot your category, you too like gist!

Well, the wait is over. Stay put and let’s enjoy the concluding part of this read.


Night Class Experience

Monitoring Spirits

These ones can also be tagged social butterflies. They’ll read for a few hours and start walking around the class. They say hi to familiar and unfamiliar people and sometimes pause to exchange more than pleasantries. Sometimes their presence is appreciated for students who may require a few minutes break, sometimes not.


They talk about anything and everything. Female students feature well here. You get to hear talks about how the stew she made before she could come back from lectures got spoiled.

Another would talk about how she will use the weekend to fix new fingernails, and other personal plans.

Messi and C. Ronaldo Fans

You’ll imagine if they came to read or to argue who’s the real G.O.A.T.

They run through the list of players in a club, the sold ones and how much they were sold, those that’ll play the premier league and the players that’ll be benched. Sometimes they talked about how many odds they got in Betnaija.

Bae Hunters

They’ll start with using their bags, books sweaters and handkerchiefs to keep seats for nobody in particular. You dare not sit there. When everywhere get calm they’ll start “…seems you are reading PHY 121? Hope you understand it? If you wouldn’t mind I’m kinda good at a few concepts therein! Hope this is your WhatsApp number…? I’ll chat you up…”


Class Gateman

Seems every class has theirs. These students will sit close to the door or most often stand. Once you knock, the next is “Are you in Psychology department? Are you in Pharmacy? We don’t allow non-members into this class. You’ve to go to the faculty theatre hall” Before you say Jack the door gets shut in your face.

Looku Looku

These students have very sensitive ears like that of a cat that shakes on a sound wave. They can’t read a page without looking up, sideways and back to see nothing in particular. Every little thing draws their attention to focus.

They’ll end up like a chapter or less for the whole prepared-long-night.


The list is endless depending on your school. Which category do you think we left out?

Let’s hear in the comment section.