You won’t be surprised to see your behaviour mimicked here, because this writing is a product of a big-time observation. Just be at peace with the good intentions of this writing.

If you’ve been attending night classes, read on and spot your category. If you are an aspirant, here’s what to expect.


The Real Jackos

These kinds of students usually come with the good intention of dealing with their reading materials. They may not even come with their phones sometimes.

They do not allow themselves to get distracted by anything. Every effort is channelled to their books. They stay focused, single-minded and read TDB (till day break).

The Foodlums

These kinds of students go straight to SUB and buy different kind of snacks like popcorn, biscuits, gala, Lacasera etc. and stuff them inside their bags. Even though they may end up with a book in front of them, their main attention is on the edible content in their bags and what is left.

As soon as the food finished, the next thing you’ll hear is “Please wake me up at 12 O’clock.”

Cinema Students

These students will purposely leave the hostel or lodge with their phones, laptops, Bluetooth, and earpiece. They’ll target a socket and colonize it.

A whole lot of big world will happen within their ears. Sometimes you hear “come-on shoot that guy, Oh no! He missed the target”

WiFi Users

Since the WiFi is often stronger at night, loading more than 10-12mb/s, these set of students will make sure they complete the movie they were downloading in the daytime. They watch every trending video on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and update all their apps. If asked where they are, their response would be “I’m in night class, doing some research on Google.”

Campaign Managers

These are the vocal and audacious students. They are the greatest supporters of students that are participating in elections and they know that night classes are good places to get a huge audience. Their aim is to let you know every reason you should vote for their candidate.

Did you find yourself in any of these categories? If yes, we see you! If not just wait, your group may be mentioned in the next article.


To be continued…