Oluwaseyi Adewumi, a smart young lady, has broken a 59-Year-Old record as she emerged as the first female to graduate as BOTH the Best Graduating Student in Civil and Environmental Engineering and the Overall Best Female in the entire Faculty of Engineering. What a new record she has set! This remains the humble moment for her at the University of Lagos.

Amazingly, Oluwaseyi has simply shown that she is detailed and diligent as she was able to carefully highlight her achievements between 2015- 2021 of her undergraduate studies as follows:

  • B.Sc. Civil and Environmental Engineering (First Class Honours with a CGPA of 4.84)
  • The Best Graduating Student Civil, Civil and Environmental Engineering.
  • Best Graduating Female Student, Faculty of Engineering.
  • Earned 11 Scholarships and Awards.
  • Co-organized the largest National Tertiary Design Competition, led her department and faculty as an executive, and won two National Design Competition.
  • Immediate resumption at a New Job.

PS: 90% of success is doing what others aren’t willing to do. Most students aren’t willing to do the extra assignment, proofread the essay one more time, put their tablet away when it’s time to focus, or delete the distracting apps on their phone. Be the student who is willing to do those things – and more. If you adopt this mindset in life, you’re almost guaranteed to become successful.


SOURCE: Legit.ng
Photo Credit: LinkedIn / Oluwaseyi Adewumi