A man named Hammed Kayode Alabi has gone down memory lane after achieving so much in life.

He reminisced on how he lost his mum at age 7, lived at the slum, hawked Spaghetti and sweets, but now all that is history as presently he has become so successful. Says he’s proud of the journey.

He took time to outline his achievement on LinkedIn.

He wrote;

You may not find it in the news but here is my story and I hope it inspire someone not to give up.

I was raised and born in Makoko.
I lost my Mum at 7.
We moved to Bariga at 12, another slum in Lagos.

My dad lost everything at 12, sold his property and couple of stuff
I hawked sweet and spaghetti at 13.

At 15, I was awarded the best prefect in my secondary school.

At 15, I also worked as a labourer in construction sites.

At 15, I taught basic education in a nursery school.

At 15, we were sent packing from our rented apartment in Bariga. Nearly homeless for the first time.

At 17, I worked as Airtel KYC agent, registering sim.

At 17, I got admission into the University.
At 19, 20, won the university scholarship award.

At 20, appointed as the deputy commandant of the Nigerian Red Cross.
At 21, in my final year last semester had a 5.0 GPA, scored A in my project dissertation.

At 21, Graduated as the best student in my department.
At 22, won the NYSC Edo State Award.

At 23, Founded a non-profit to support children of my kind.

At 23, attended my First International Conference.
At 23, started a blog with over 100,000 view.

At 24, selected as an SDGs Youth Champion with African Monitor and engaged Office of the Senate President.

At 24, selected as a Fellow, Carrington Youth Fellowship Initiative and winter $5000 grant with other 4 fellows.

At 24, won the Keenista African Youth Competition Award.
At 24, awarded Talent of the Future Africa.

At 24, featured by UNFPA as a global goal champion.

At 24, spoke at an international summit.

At 25, won the United State Consul General Award.

At 25, completed, authored my first book and sold in more than 3 countries.

At 25, became a Fellow-in-Residence and Regional Manager of a global non-profit in the United States (Peace First).

At 25, won a scholarship in the UK (IDS).

At 25, facilitated in another continent outside Africa.

At 26, won two most prestigious scholarship (Chevening and Mastercard Foundation Scholarship).

At 26, studying at The University of Edinburgh (top 16 in the world, best in Scotland and top 5 in the UK).

At 26, completed my second book titled 5 years.

At 27 graduated from The University of Edinburgh.

At 27, won the First-ever Ufahamu Africa Essay contest for my piece on life and politics in Africa.
At 27, Published my Second book on Amazon.

At 27, became, the first young African Board Member at Peace First.

At 27, worked with the MasterCard Foundation and co-created a mentoring programme for refugees in Uganda.

At 27, got a role with Refugee Education UK.


PS: You’re never too young to make an impact. Everything worth doing takes time and effort. This applies to grades, relationships, career, character, and more. If you want to go somewhere meaningful and rewarding in life, there are no shortcuts.


SOURCE: Hamed/Hamed Kayode Alabi