Femi Adeyeye, a 500 Level student of the Department of Building, University of Lagos, who was rusticated by the institution since 2016 for embarking on a protest against the poor condition of living and learning, has finally been reinstated by the university five years later


My name is Femi Adeyeye. I am 27 years old. I am a student of Building at the University of Lagos. I am from Ondo State. I gained admission into UNILAG in 2012 and I would have graduated in 2017 if the university’s management hadn’t rusticated me in 2016. The unfortunate incident happened just a year to my graduation.


What really led to his rustication

There was a series of protests on campus for three days – April 6, 7 and 8, 2016 under the leadership of Professor Rahman Bello. These protests were about the conditions of living and learning at the University of Lagos. There were poor electricity and water supplies.  The situation was so bad at that time that students used to buy sachet water to have a bath on campus. And even at a point, pure water was no longer available, because demand was more than supply.

On April 4 and 5, we, as students, agreed to take a walk to the office of the Dean of Students’ Affairs. On the third day, the whole campus was shut down and there was no movement. The management then sent a notice that every student must vacate the campus before 10am.

I felt that this was infringing on my rights and even though I was not in the Students’ Union Government, I took to my StudentFacebook and published an article which I titled: ‘The Senate of the University of Lagos: A conglomeration of academic ignorami’. After some time, I was invited to appear before the university panel. I knew that it won’t be good news.

How he coped

I did different legal things. I used to teach in tutorials but so many activities were taking my time so I decided to focus more on what I was studying. I used to draw plans for people and get paid and I also had friends who supported me.

His concerns about going back to the university environment

To be honest, I have no fears at all. I met with the Head of the Department yesterday (Wednesday). He is now a professor. He was an Associate Professor or so at the time I was rusticated. He was very welcoming and he advised me to focus on my studies. It is a good place. Those I could not meet, I sent them text messages.“I’ve no fears returning to UNILAG after ‘five-year’ rustication –Student activist, Adeyeye”


SOURCE: Punch Newspapers