Whether they stem from business or personal situations, our relationships are what support us, connect us and allow us to progress in all aspects of our lives.” – Michelle Tillis Lederman

When you were much younger, you kept friends for the sake. But as you grow older, you need to know that the people you call friends are the same you will need as connections tomorrow. That’s why there’s the necessity to be intentional about your friendship and relationship choice. 

It would be best to build intentional relationships because it will be something to fall back on at some point in your life. We all thrive on relationships, and how fast we will move on the journey of life will be influenced by the quality of our relationships. As they say, “Show me your friend, and I will tell you who you are.” 

Your being in school will give you the chance to meet different people from various backgrounds, and you should be proactive enough and intentional about the relationships you build. As a student, you should see into the future and make friends who can help you reach your goals. This is not about being selfish; we all need each other to achieve our goals in life. Find people who are interested in your growth and make them your friends. School is a place to learn and build—your certificate, memory, yourself and, importantly, your relationships. Why do I need to build great relationships? 

Here they are; 

  • To Access Opportunities

It would be best if you made friends with those glad to see you become a better version of yourself. Good friends will go out of their ways to search for opportunities to take you to the top of your career. It would be best if you were intentional about your relationships. Remember that you cannot be close friends with everyone. Learn how to build and sustain healthy friendships. Remember you are getting older, not younger, and you need to start making yourself now.

  • To Expand Your Level of Knowledge.

It is a good thing to make friends with those who are better than you in some ways. When you become the most intelligent human in the flock, you limit your growth, and you are blind to what you can learn from others. As beautiful as it may sound, it is not acceptable to be the most intelligent amongst your circle of friends. You need a group of friends that can stimulate your brain and challenge your thinking.

Although you cannot be the best in everything, you can learn from your friends from whatever they know. Get to know how they think and how they see the world. They came from different backgrounds and parts of the world; their experiences are pretty different from yours. Your friends will surely be good at something. You should seize that opportunity for your growth.

 To be continued…