Whilst being in secondary school, we were taught by our teachers that life is a race. That means that we can become outstanding students amongst our class mates or even outside our field of study.

Being competitive is an anchor to education. Infact, anyone known to be educated must surely be competitive, as that is one way to prove that he or she is educated. I can’t imagine, if there were no competition in education, what would have been the push for students? Competition is the act of testing a student on what has been earlier taught; the outstanding student wins the competition. It plays a major role in education: making students courageous enough to be able to face future challenges.

Competition is like an anchor to education. It gives educated youth the required courage and skills they need to overcome and succeed in any challenges and competition they might encounter in the future, because life is full of problems, challenges and competitions; as you solve or finish one, another one arises. Education and competition work with each other: without education, there cannot be competition in that field, and without competition in education, education would be boring. It is only when they participate in a competition related to what has been taught that it is demonstrated whether or not he/she understood it. Competition develops and makes a student be more courageous and proactive in solving issues. Competition brightens the brain of the student to research more and not to wait for the teacher before learning important things they need to know.

Moreover, competition performs a role in education on students by enlightening students what they have not been taught in class. In short, competition plays a role of adding to the experience and knowledge gained by students in school. We should note that all cannot be learn in school, therefore competition also serves as an avenue for learning.

To round it up, competition plays a role in education of preparing and testing the students on what they were being educated on. Competition makes students believe in education the more. We must understand that both education and competition work with each other; an educated graduate would give out his best if he is conversant with various competitions and has participated well in the competition.

The importance and role of competition in education cannot be overemphasized, every student needs to understand the role of competitions on their education and to always take every competition they have as an opportunity. They should not take every competition they have light-heartedly because it is part of their education.

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