In today’s society, the responsibility of raising children has shifted from parents to house girls, grandparents, relatives, family friends, and teachers in the learning institutions. Growing up, I often wondered how parents shuffled schools runs and work schedules. 

These days our children are being taken care of by just anyone. Are our children getting the best in terms of being raised morally right individuals? Well, without a doubt, the answer is an absolute NO. This is because the number of children getting involved in crime is increasing daily. What are the reasons behind this? What are the possible solutions?

I will focus more on learning institutions. Every parent wants their child to have a bright future. This is the primary reason that will push the parent to educate their child. The parent strongly believes that by sending their children to school they will get the wisdom to help them in the future.  Learning institutions are doing a great job; however, they need to mold students to be all-around individuals. They should not put all their focus on academics only, but add social values. What are the reasons behind this? Before I say what learning institutions should do, let’s focus on today’s parents’ lives.

I congratulate all hardworking parents, however, if anything is done without limits, it is likely not to be of any help. Why am I saying this, even though the parents are working hard, they need to sacrifice time with their children. Their children need parental love, and they want to spend time with them. It’s so sad and heartbreaking that parents have deliberately ignored this vital responsibility that belongs to them. Parents will leave very early in the morning before the children wake up and return very late in the evening when they are already asleep. Most of the time the children will spend time with the house girl hired by the parents to take care of them. This is the person who will ensure their well-being. Parents will only interact with their children during public holidays and when they are off duty. This time will be limited since that is the time they want to relax and rest. It will not be a surprise that they may still end up having no time with them.

The student will suffer greatly having no time and the right person to teach them morals when they are still young. A student could be interested in doing what is right, but no one is readily available to show them the right direction. 

We live in the information age today, where anyone can get any information from the comforts of their homes. If not closely monitored students could be airing immoral programs that will lead to immoral behaviours and violence. Therefore, strict measures should be put in place by monitoring the programs they watch.

Students often interact with each other hence their new behaviours while some students are exposed to antisocial behaviours by viewing programs on their television that supported inhumane acts such as violence. Peer pressure will make an innocent student involve himself in vices that are common in schools. Learning institutions should do better by educating their students on social behavior. 

Today society is suffering just because these institutions are not educating their students on social behaviour. It is high time for these institutions to educate these essential values to our students to have future responsible citizens, fathers and mothers, and students who will be accountable employees in their professions. 

Antisocial attitudes have led to ruining of lives, separation of families and destruction of property. This has been happening because our students have the knowledge but lack the wisdom to cope with daily life challenges.