Who is a Mentor?
Mentors are like roadmaps; they help you navigate through your academic and professional journey. A mentor is a person that guides a less experienced person. Our mentorship program can be a shortcut to success for students and young entrepreneurs seeking professional guidance. 

At EduGrant, We provide a platform for mentors to develop leadership skills in their profession or industry and personal development.


Mentorship aims to help mentees learn skills and information that will help them succeed in their careers foster through a structured mentoring program.


Specific objectives of the mentoring program are:

  1. To Promotes personal and professional development. 
  2. To assist mentees in identifying and clearly articulating their career and professional goals and creating a plan towards achieving them by the end of the mentoring program.
  3. Mentees would have in the process gained practical insights and applied the lessons learnt to their personal development in their career and professional development.

At EduGrant, we aim at empowering students to become more self-driven, chart excellent career paths, develop more skills, be action-oriented and create a great passion for succeeding.


What is mentoring?

Mentoring is a relationship between a more experienced professional with specific values and accomplishments worthy of emulation (mentor) and a less experienced, sometimes junior professional who desires to learn and improve particular professional and personal development (mentee).


Academic Mentorship

At our organization, we create mentorship programs for students which has shaped them for the career suited for them.

Mentors make a tremendous difference in the lives of the Nigerian youth; they are role models, advisors who help students think about ways to maximize their academic and professional experience and recognize the impact they can make in the community. 

Our mentors have diverse background and interest but share the same vision, which is a drive to assist students in maximizing their opportunities, and with lots of experience, they are willing to share, ready to teach the methods and tools they used in achieving their success.