University years can be one of the best times in your life, this might be your first time moving away from home and leaving alone, your first time moving away from your state or country. For some people this is the time they fully discover themselves while for some  the years just pass them  by . We want you to make the best use of your college days so we put together this list to help you get the best university experience.

Get Involved In School Activities: University isn’t just about hitting the books alone, take advantage of numerous outside the classroom activities that are happening around your campus. These years represent one of the only times that you will have the chance to indulge freely in your hobbies and connect with people from a spectrum of diverse educational and cultural backgrounds  so  make the most use of it .If you love soccer, join the soccer league, if you love to sing or act join the school choir  or drama club. Also do not  restrict yourself to campus activities. Your local community is a great resource for opportunities to get engaged and contribute to a greater cause while doing something you love.

Have Fun: Do not forget to have fun, whether your idea of fun is going out to restaurants or parks, going clubbing or playing games. It is important to find ways to de-stress, unwind and relax. There are so many cool spots you can visit on campus. Don’t forget to take a tour and visit those places.

Make Friends: one of the most exciting things about university years is the opportunity to make new friends and build new relationships. University puts you in contact with so many new people. Capitalize on this as much as possible, try to meet people from outside your course and outside your circle of friends and learn about the opportunities that are available to you. You never know where opportunities might arise from, It might be that you go to events that most of your friends would never consider attending, get introduced to future career paths that are out of the ordinary for people on your course, or simply get exposed to new opinions and perspectives that your main group of friends wouldn’t hold. Most of the relationships built during your university years might be your key to a career breakthrough or a contact you might need in the future.

Keep An Eye Out For Great Opportunities: Some of the opportunities that university life has to offer will be easy to find, others you might need to pay special attention to spot them. That might mean trawling through websites, setting up Google alerts, or taking the time to have conversations with your tutors or with the Student Union.these opportunities can be life changing and can mold you into the person you have always dreamt to be. What kind of opportunities are we talking about? There’s a wide range that are accessible to students. It might be a great internship at a really exciting company – that’s the sort of thing that might be listed on your university careers website, but that you’ll never find about if you don’t visit that site. Or it might be a student discount that’s available on your favorite products, but not clearly advertised, so you have to know to ask for it. Or there might be classes available that don’t contribute to your grade, but that would be fascinating to take all the same. Do some research and reap the rewards.

Take Care Of Your Body: Your physical wellbeing affects your productivity so it is important to put priority on your body to avoid falling sick often during your college years. eat healthy, sleep well and exercise regularly.

These tips are not exhaustive and may not be feasible for every student at their respective university. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you can’t still find opportunities and ways to make the most of your university experience.