In an effort to bridge the learning void created by the global lockdown as a result of Covid-19, Edugrant, recently empowered Nigerian students at the mid-year meet up program. The program took place on the 24th of July at the Finicky hall in Lagos.

Edugrant was founded with the aim to provide a range of scholarship opportunities for students in tertiary institutions who are not financially capable of funding their education.

The event was organized by Edugrant in partnership with WIN (Women Impacting Nigeria) and RIGO (Rising Generation Organization)

In light of the current global lockdown and limited access to education and learning materials on the part of students, education has been disrupted since schools were shut as Nigeria went on lockdown in March. As an intervention means, Edugrant put together the program to empower 30 students with digital skills, easy ways to access digital learning and also knowledge on how to apply for scholarships seamlessly.

At the end of the program, all students in attendance were gifted with a data subscription, to enable them utilize the skills they have been empowered with.

Most attendees confessed that they were glad to be a part of such an opportunity that has exposed them to skills and knowledge they previously lacked and promised to take advantage of the opportunity to continue learning.